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WPNo.ActivitiesAct. leader2013/2014
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1.1 Identifying best practices in innovation management from EU     O O O O              
1.2 Assessing local needs (industry, SMEs, government, universities)     X X X              
1.3.1 Developing post-graduate curricula (master)          


 OX X  X  X X XO X
1.3.2 Developing post-graduate curricula (PhD)                          
1.4 Developing a set of LLL courses              OX X X X X XO X


2.1 Retraining Serbian staff by the EU partners                     XO O O
2.2 Developing and publishing new teaching materials                       XO X
2.3 Preparing and publishing new LLL course materials                          
2.4 Establishing iLab (virtual and physical laboratory)              XO X  X  X X  XO X
2.5.1 Purchasing books for new programs                          
2.5.2 Translating book for new programs                          


3.1.1 Call for enrolment and entrance exam (Master)                          
3.1.2 Call for enrolment and entrance exam (PhD)                          
3.2 Realizing Master program                          
3.3 Realizing teaching part of  PhD program                          
3.4 Realizing LLL courses                          
3.5 Realizing master & PhD students’ study visits in EU                          


4.1 Developing and maintaing the project web site    X  X  X X  X X  X  X  X  X X X
4.2 Developing and publishing promo material    X X        X           X
4.3 Advertising and promoting developed programs                          X
4.4 Organizing dissemination events and networking             X           X
4.5 Starting up doctoral students’ conference                          


5.1 Accrediting study program                         X
5.2 Certifying LLL programs                          
5.3 Active engagement of iLab in collaboration with industry                          
5.4 Establishing Serbian Innovation Management Council                          


6.1 Developing quality control mechanisms    XO X XO                  
6.2 Internal and external peer reviews of all processes and project results         X X XO  X  O XO  X XO O
6.3 Students’ and trainees’ evaluation of realised programs                          
6.4 Exchanging best practice with other Tempus projects               X          



7.1 Organizing project meetings    X          O            
7.2 Developing project management procedures    X  X XO                  
7.3 Managing, administrating and reporting project activities   XO XO XO XO  XO XO XO  XO XO XO XO XO 

Legend: Activities O - carried out in the EU or Candidate Country, X - carried out in the Partner Country