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This is the official site of TEMPUS project, entitled: Mastering innovation in Serbia through development and implementation of interdisciplinary post-graduate curricula in innovation management, Contract no 544278-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR.



The general objective of the project is to foster Serbian innovative capacity by modernizing Serbian HE system and providing sustainable source of high-quality human resources. The project will achieve this by developing and realizing interdisciplinary postgraduate curricula in the field of innovation management based on best practice from existing EU study programs and according to the Bologna requirements at Serbian HE.

The specific objectives are:

1. To develop and implement interdisciplinary PhD program in innovation management as a joint degree of 4 Serbian universities,

2. To develop and implement interdisciplinary master program in innovation management as a joint degree of 4 Serbian universities,

3. To develop and implement certified innovation management courses for industry professionals to enable career development and increase employability.

These objectives should be achieved through synergetic partnership of 3 Serbian public and 1 private university, 1 college of applied sciences, 6 organizations representing key Serbian stakeholders, 4 well known EU universities and 2 non-academic EU partners with extensive experience in dealing with innovation and curriculum development.

The principal outcomes will include defined structures, research and teaching contents of curricula for joint degree PhD and master programs in innovation management, their accreditation and realization, developed and implemented set of LLL courses for professionals, updated teachers’ and trainers’ skills, introduced interdisciplinary and practical oriented teaching approach, established laboratory and virtual learning environment, published new books, realized teachers and students mobilities, and established Serbian Innovation Management Council.

These results will provide infrastructural resources necessary to secure project sustainability beyond its lifetime. Results and best practice will be actively diffused and exploited at national, regional and European level.

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Poziv za besplatno učešće na dvodnevnim seminarima koji su deo programa za celoživotno učenje

U cilju pružanja podrške privrednim subjektima, profesionalcima i drugim pojedincima koji žele da unaprede svoja znanja iz oblasti menadžmenta u biznisu, kao i razvoja novog proizvoda, pozivamo vas da se prijavite za pohađanje jednog ili oba dvodnevna seminara koji su deo programa za celoživotno učenje.


Intellectual Property – Instrument for Improving Competitiveness

One of the MAIN objective was The objective of the project to develop and implement innovation management courses for industry professionals to enable career development and increase employability. The one that is developed by the non-academic partner, Intellectual Property Office


Announcement of forthcoming LLL course- Intellectual Property - an instrument for improving innovation based competitiveness

On 24-25 March 2016, at the premises of Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia, two day course on intellectual property management will take place. The course covers many aspects of the IP system, from reasons for use of IP system in business, through granting procedures for each type of IP rights and proper IP management after the grant of right.


Workshop in Graz

The workshop was organized by WUS Austria, in cooperation with partner institutions from Serbia, Greece, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia. The purpose of the workshop was to define the structure of the curricula as well as the preparation of the curricula for the accreditation process, in accordance with Bologna standards. Also, conclusions from the last meetings in Kragujevac and Thessaloniki about the Master Study Programm were collected.

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Fundamentals of Innovation – based Business start-up

Intellectual Property – Instrument for Improving Competitiveness

Workshop in Graz

Project Management Meeting was organized at the University of Kragujevac

Workshop “Mastering the Innovation Processes” organized in Kragujevac

Curriculum development workshop and first project management meeting in Thessaloniki

TEMPUS Office preventive monitoring visit to the MAIN project

Student Forum - What a good master program should look like?

MAIN kick-off meeting